Are you looking for a new, unique way of working out that is challenging, rewarding, and fun? The Yard is proud to offer our MÜV Training classes, which are aimed at being safe, fast-paced, and constantly changing while maintaining a consistently challenging workout.


As the world’s premier brand dedicated to serving fitness enthusiasts at home and in the club, Matrix redefines the exercise experience with dynamic performance, sleek design, advanced functionality, exclusive workout programs and the kind of durability that stands up to rigorous use by multiple users, day after day for years.



When it comes to choosing a gym, you have many options. Most fitness centers make a lot of promises, but once you’re signed up and in the door, they all but forget about you. At The Yard Fitness Club with MUV Training, we’re aiming to change the fitness center game. We are a premier gym and health center that is dedicated to results and fosters a culture of community and support. We want you to not only see the difference but feel it as well. From the day you join until you hit your goals, we want to be by your side every step of the way.

MUV Team Training Classes

High Performance Matrix Cardio Equipment

Nutritional Counseling

Personal Training


David and Amy have recently moved to Kingston, where David grew up and actually held his first job at the Kingston Lumber Yard, which has now been transformed into The Yard Fitness Club. David has an extensive background in various aspects of the fitness industry, and both David and Amy have been fitness enthusiasts their entire lives. They are excited to bring their passion for a healthy, active lifestyle to Kingston and the Olympic Peninsula.